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Atmos™ Galaxy Projector

Atmos™ Galaxy Projector

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Color: Black

Transform your space with vibrant galaxies and stars.

Bring the beauty of the universe into your home! Atmos Galaxy Projector will fill your space with unique nebula effects that will take you on a cosmic journey every night.

Product details
Made from high-quality abs construction, with 6 new stabilizers for maximum placement options and fully updated Full-HD lens for crystal clear galaxy projection.
Projection Length:  25x25 feet from 10 feet away.
Size: 6.5x6.5x2.5in | 16.5x16.5x6.4cm
Batteries Required: No
Material: High-quality abs construction
Lens: Full HD
Plug type: USB
App connectivity: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, For iOS For Android
Control methods: Tuya smart app, voice control with Amazon Alexa & Google Home
Input voltage & wattage: 120 Volts, 18 watts
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Dynamic Projection
360-degree full-room projection
Adjustable Brightness
Change brightness with a simple touch
Customizable Effects
Color & effect mixing ablility with 16M colors
Smart App Control
Easy and customizable control with a few taps
Voice Control
Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant


Control the galaxy with a few taps on your smartphone using the smart app. Change colors, speed, and effects to match your mood. Sleep timers, voice control and 360° rotation bring the galaxy to life in your own unique way.


Immerse yourself in a universe of colors with the Atmos Galaxy Projector. Watch as vibrant galaxies and stars transform your space, creating an unforgettable cosmic ambience right in your own room.


Experience a unique atmosphere like never before. The Atmos galaxy projector makes relaxation better by creating a calming vibe with its magical cosmic projections. Its soothing effects reduce stress and bring a chill vibe to any space.

Giving "Netflix and Chill" a whole new meaning

Elevate your movie nights to new heights. Our projector brings personalized experience to your space, turning every moment into something special. Choose from various galaxy effects, over 16M colors and create your own unique ambience from the comfort of your couch.


Fully updated design that elevates the visual experience with a new level of detail, featuring a Full HD lens for crisp and vibrant projections, coupled with high-quality ABS construction, enhanced by six stabilizers for a steady and immersive display.


With its 360° full-room projection, the Atmos galaxy projector fills your entire space in mesmerizing cosmic displays, creating a magical atmosphere from every angle. Transform your surroundings with dynamic and enchanting visuals that fill every angle, elevating the ambience of any room.


Can you use the projector without the smart app?

You can use it without the smart app, but you will be limited to 6 nebula effects. With the Tuya smart app you can change the colors, choose various effects, control the projector with voice and so much more.

How big of an area does the projector cover?

Our galaxy projector can fill up a large living room. It covers approximately 25x25 feet from 10 feet away.

Can you turn off the stars and only use the galaxy cloud?

Yes! With the Tuya smart app, the Atmos Galaxy Projector offers full customization and personalization including the ability to turn the galaxy clouds and stars on/off.

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