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Atmos™ Macaron Lamp

Atmos™ Macaron Lamp

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Color: Orange

Transform your space with refreshing illumination.

Inspired by the iconic Italian macaron dessert, this lamp adds a touch of elegance to any space. The Atmos Macaron Lamp offers three distinct lighting modes - soft, natural, and cold, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Product details
Crafted from premium iron and glass for enduring quality. Resembling a delectable macaron dessert, this lamp adds a delightful and rejuvenating accent to your living space. Featuring three distinct lighting modes - warm, natural, and cold, this stylish lamp offers versatile illumination to suit any ambiance.
Dimensions: 11" ( 28 cm ) H x 7.1 in (18 cm) W
Bulb: E27 12W ( up to 1000 lumens )
Light source: LED
Color temperature: 2700-3100K (soft, warm, cold white)
Output power: 600+ lm / 5 W
Material: Iron & Glass
Plug Type: USB
Weight: 1.35kg
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Refreshing design

Designed to captivate attention and create a refreshing ambiance, the Atmos Macaron Lamp is the perfect blend of form and function. Illuminate any space with a touch of fresh elegance, making every moment memorable.

High-quality materials

With its captivating glass exterior, premium iron construction and radiant glow, this lamp redefines elegance and durability. A unique and unparalleled addition to your space, the Atmos Macaron Lamp ensures a distinctive touch that sets it apart from the rest.

Three-color lighting

Create a cozy ambiance with the warm setting for relaxed evenings, use the natural option for balanced illumination during daily activities, and add a contemporary touch with the crisp and refreshing cold setting for energizing workspaces or enhancing room aesthetics.

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