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Moonshine Wall Lamp

Moonshine Wall Lamp

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Illuminate your room with the peace of the moon.

Moonshine embodies the mystique of the moon, radiating a gentle glow that will relax your senses and bring the night sky's tranquility indoors.

Product Details
Moonlit Ambience: It creates a stunning moonlit ambiance, casting a soft, gentle glow in any space.
Enhanced Relaxation: Its gentle glow creates a calm atmosphere, perfect for creating a peaceful environment for a good night's sleep.
Adjustable Illumination: From warm 'n' cozy to full moon light, tweak the glow to match your vibe.
Elegant Lunar Design: Bring the moon's elegance indoors and take your room's style to a whole new astral level.
LED Technology: Advanced LED technology provides energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination for your space.
Material: iron, aluminium, ABS
Light Source: LED chip up to ‎3000 lumens
Control method: remote control
Color Temprature: 2700(warm)~4000(neutral)~6000(white) kelvin
Wattage: 18-60 Watts depending on model
Brightness: 3 dimming levels (Low, Medium, High)
Weight: from 4.4 lb (2kg) to ‎14.12 lb (6.58kg), depending on size
Installation: You need to input AC110-220V, then connect with the neutral and live wire

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