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RGBIC LED Strip Lights

RGBIC LED Strip Lights

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Create a lively atmosphere and elevate the ambiance of any room.

Add a lively vibe to your indoor space with our vibrant RGBIC LED strip lights. Immerse yourself in a richer color performance that paints your walls with a mesmerizing and unique display of colors.


📱 Easy App Control: Control your lights with a simple tap using the Tuya app on your smartphone.
🎶 Music Sync Effect: Enjoy natural and dynamic light effects that dance to the beat of your favorite songs.
⏰ Sleep Timer: Use the lights as a light alarm clock by setting the wake-up timer, and wake up to beautiful and vibrant colors.
🌧️ Waterproof Coating: With IP65 waterproof coating, the RGBIC strip lights provide safe use indoors and outdoors.
🌈 Better than Standard RGB: Each LED on an RGBIC strip can display multiple colors simultaneously, resulting in dynamic and vibrant lighting effects.
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Unique Lighting Modes

Create your unique DIY light show with more than 64 lighting effects to choose from. Whether you are throwing a party or having a romantic dinner, these lights are the perfect atmosphere booster.

Voice Control

Experience hands-free convenience and effortless control over your lighting ambience. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to adjust colors, brightness, and lighting effects with simple voice commands.

Music Sync Mode

With the upgraded music mode, the strip lights dance to the rhythm of your favorite tunes, transforming any space into a dynamic and vibrant audiovisual spectacle for an unforgettable experience.

More LEDs, More Fun

With 100 LEDs per 3.3 ft, the RGBIC strip lights provide vibrant and precise color transitions, allowing for smoother animations and brighter lighting effects.

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